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After Getting Fired, He Now Earns $500k a Month While Travelling the World

by Fahad Saleem

In 2009, John Crestani, 21, dropped out of college, took a small loan from his family and flew to Thailand to contemplate about his life choices and future. Borke, Crestani took Bible and a few self help books along his self-finding trip. Luckily, for John, one of these books was the famous “4 Hour Work Week”, written by Tim Ferriss. Ferriss’ main idea boils down to making a passive income stream, which could generate money practically by itself, without you being involved. This is the only escape from the excruciating 9-to-5 rut we all hate.

I talked about several practical ways on earning through passive income in this article a few weeks ago.

 Tim’s idea struck Crestani, and he decided to make an affiliate marketing network. Fast forward to today, Crestani makes an average $500,000 per month, travels around the world, can scale his business on his own call.

The Initial Failures

Not so fast. As with every success story, things always, I repeat, always go south before success. This is the cornerstone of any success. Same happened with Crestani. He first started selling products on eBay. Things started to move steadily, and he was making around $1500 per month, when PayPal decided to suspend his account as he was selling products that were deemed against PayPal’s policies. Crestani’s business was shattered.

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Here comes the second attempt. Crestani enrolled in a school, and using his sneaking into computers skills, he started getting test answers beforehand, and selling them to desperate students for boatloads of money. For a while. Crestani’s “business” moved just as he’d planned, but then, as it was bound to happen, the university kicked him out.

The “Stable” Job

Desperate and hungry for stability, Crestani landed what we called a normal, “full-time” job in a company that specialized in online ads, sales, marketing, search engine traffic optimization. Crestani got attention with his performance and excelled at his work.  Then, one fine morning, hopeful that the company is more than happy with his work, Crestani asked his boss to give him a pay raise. Sitting across the table, the boss replied: “Or what?”.

The Awakening

Crestani decided at that moment to practically give no effort to this job. A company for which he had done so much denied to give him a petty raise. Crestani was smart enough to keep his contacts on the side with clients to use them for his own business one day. The “four hour work week” idea started kicking in again.

A Dream Comes True

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Crestani had learned enough skills in the online ads field. He also found out that if he focused on homeopathic products, he could get a lot of margins. Today he is the boss of his own company, Nutryst, which excels in ad campaigns. There is a great technique which Crestani uses; he records the screen while making an ad campaign from scratch on his laptop, and then sends it to his team. The team then clones and use the same way trodden by Crestani, and the profits swell with less effort and hassle.

Today, Crestani travels the world, works on the go, has a life, and most important, he is a millionaire.

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You can check out his YouTube channel and website to learn more about affiliate marketing.

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