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Airpnp App Lets You Find the Nearest Public Toilet

by Fahad Saleem

Airpnp App Lets You Find the Nearest Public Toilet

It happens sometimes that you are out for shopping or some remote place and you need to use toilet, but you cannot find any near you. The situation is worse when you have children and you go outside where toilets are rare. It is hard to keep your calm in such conditions. Airpnp app for iPhone comes to your rescue to find public restroom where you can relieve your bladder with ease.

Airpnp App Lets You Find the Nearest Public Toilet 1

As soon as you launch Airpnp app, you will see the list of available public washrooms of good quality in your area. Some of them will be free like in shops, restaurants, or local café. Some of them might lie in houses. You can also offer your own bathroom for others to visit it in emergency. You can post photos, rates, and hours of public access.


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Airpnp is a great effort in the series of apps that allow people to relax while they are outside home and they need to urinate. You can find plenty of clean and tidy restrooms where you can relax for a while.

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With the help of Airpnp, you can use GPS to find available private bathroom. You can also rate washrooms based on their cleanliness and accessibility. The privilege to pee will cost you up to $5. The founder of Airpnp, Max Gaudin revealed that the app started as a joke, it fulfills the legitimate requirement during the Mardi Gras celebrations by providing the chance to people to relax if pressure builds on their bladder and hence reducing the arrests due to public urination. The people who are caught while urinating on street are fined heavily or even put behind jails.

In short, Airpnp saves you from the humiliation and fuss. Install this app on your cell phone and easily go to a nearby, rush free toilet on the call of nature.

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