Airtel Kenya Invests $27.4 Million To Boost 3G Network In Kenya

Airtel Kenya Invests $27.4 Million To Boost 3G Network In Kenya

Airtel Kenya Invests $27.4 Million To Boost 3G Network In Kenya

Airtel Kenya has partnered up with Nokia Networks, an internationally acclaimed expert in mobile broadband, to upgrade Kenya’s 3G network. The Telecom says that all of its sites in Mombasa and Kitale have already been upgraded, and work is currently underway to upgrade the Nairobi sites.

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Over the past few years, Kenya has seen an increasing proliferation of smartphones users accompanied by a growing demand for broadband connection. The Airtel’s upgrade of its UMTS 900 Mhz spectrum is a deliberate move to satisfy this growing market demand for broadband connection. While enhancing the indoor coverage penetration and improving the quality of service on Airtel’s 3G network.

Mr. El Youssefi, the Managing Director at Airtel Kenya said; “We have invested Sh.2.5 billion ($27.4 m) in this exercise and plan to continue investing significantly in the network to provide our customers with the best possible user experience across the country. The project will increase the reach and coverage of Airtel’s 3G network, enabling our customers take full advantage of what Airtel has to offer.

With the network upgrade, customers will be better able to take advantage of services such as the recently launched Airtel UnlimiNet, free Twitter on Airtel Internet, Internet powered by Airtel and Facebook, amongst a bouquet of other data services.”

The upgrading exercise is said will also make Airtel Kenya’s network become 4G LTE ready. The Telecom has already deployed 4G network in Rwanda and Seychelles thus making the one of the first sub-Saharan Africa countries to deploy 4G network commercially.

Bharti Airtel was also the first Telecom to deploy 4G network in India, making the Indian subcontinent of the first regions in the world to commercially roll out the 4G network technology. The Telecom currently has the bragging right of having the widest 3G footprint across Africa.

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