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Airtel Signs A Deal With Liquid Telecom For Faster, Reliable Broadband Services

by Felix Omondi
Airtel Signs A Deal With Liquid Telecom For Faster, Reliable Broadband Services

Liquid Telecom has been alluded to as the poster child for just how much reliable ICT services provision can transform the status of a country. The company has made significant ICT infrastructural investment in Zimbabwe, estimated now to reach more than $150 million. The Telecom is laying down fibre optic cable at a rate of 4km per week and has already covered over 10,000km.

Liquid Telecom offers its customers triple-play services of Internet, Voice and TV. The company has been praised for giving Zimbabwe’s economy a significant boost by installing infrastructures needed to support economic developments.

Various international carriers such as Orange, CMC Networks, Vodacom, Internet Solution and Tata, all use the services of Liquid Telecom for reliable connection within Zimbabwe. The same goes while in countries like South Africa, Kenya and Zambia among other African nations.

Liquid Telecom’s network has been built on the prime tenet of redundancy, and it starts with numerous local rings and routes that are joined by Spurs in Cities. This topology layout is again repeated at both the national and regional level. Taking a look at just its robust fibre footprint, it is more than capable to give users a wide array of services through the Internet, including Direct Internet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Video Conferencing, VoIP and Wi-Fi services among others.

Liquid Telecom’s trunk routing uses the next-generation Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) as the transport layer. This layer has unlimited capacity given it is capable of carrying multiple channels in one fibre strand.

Liquid Telecom, MD and Group Executive for Southern Africa, Wellington Makamure, was quoted by Chronicle saying:

Our investment in the network ensures we offer a premium service to our customers, and our pricing model is value for money as it takes into account all tenets of a futuristic and scalable network. We provide fully managed services and maintain our network with the full realization that our sector plays a critical role in supporting the economy. In offering service, we have Service Level Agreements (SLAs), a sign of our commitment to providing a quality service. Added to this we provide a Network Operations Center (NOC) which is manned 24/7 to ensure our customers have full access to us in their times of need.”

Their network is said to have been built using the latest technology Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). The MPLS makes it possible to carry out managed services like the single and dual homed Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections. Liquid Telecom confidently asserts that their network was designed to be flexible and reliable for both the home and enterprise user.

Bharti Airtel signs a fibre network deal with Liquid Telecom

Indian mobile telecom company has joined the bandwagon of telecom using Liquid Telecom infrastructure to provide broadband services to its customers. Airtel has signed a fibre network deal with Liquid Telecom in a move that will give the former access to the later’s reliable 3G and 4G network for its mobile broadband services in Africa.

Airtel Signs A Deal With Liquid Telecom For Faster, Reliable Broadband ServicesNic Rudnik (Pictured left), Liquid Telecom’s CEO in a press release said: “Mobile network operators, and in particular Airtel, have managed to attract a large number of customers on their 3G and 4G networks and now need to strengthen their backhaul to deliver a super-fast Internet access service.

Liquid Telecom’s extensive and fast-growing terrestrial fibre network is the perfect solution for Airtel to rapidly do so.

Airtel Africa, CEO, Christian de Faria also said, “Airtel has invested significantly in mobile broadband technology across its African footprint and this agreement will deliver end-to-end fibre connectivity to our 3G and 4G base stations. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to providing affordable and innovative mobile services to all.

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