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This Alarm App Picks Up Random Songs from Your Music Library for Daily Alarms

by Fahad Saleem

Perhaps the most difficult thing we do daily is get out of our beds in the morning. People use different kinds of techniques to wake up on time. I used to put my alarm near the bathroom so I had to wake up and walk all the way to silence that thing. Apart from the distance of the alarm, the alarm sound matters the most. A good, motivating alarm tone can make it easy for you to wakeup, while a horrible alarm sound can leave you whiny for all day. I have found a new jailbreak tweak for iPhones and iPad which chooses random songs from your music library in your device. This randomization is the key. When you hear a different song daily in the morning as an alarm call, you will be excited to start a day and this element of surprise is what makes your brain like the alarm and wakeup process.

CasualAlarm rings alarms based on random songs from your music library. If you currently set your alarm daily, chances are that you use stock app in iPhone and have the same song set as the alarm tune. Or if you are too motivated, you might be changing the song daily. But CasualAlarm makes things easy for you. CasualAlarm uses the Clock app to trigger a new song based on the random function which is embedded in the jailbreak tweak.  So you get a random song daily as an alarm sound. But that doesn’t mean you will never get a repeated song. As things are random, there is definitely a chance that a song would be repeated. But you can deplete that chance by expanding your music library.

Install the CasualAlarm tweak and add a preferences pane to the Settings app. This way, you will be able to enable or disable this tweak whenever you want. There will be no need to respring.

alarm-1 alarm-2 alarm-3 alarm-4

After installing and enabling the alarm jailbreak tweak in iPhone, you can go to the clock app and set up a new alarm. You will notice that the tweak automatically sets “Random Song” up for the sound of the alarm.

It is important to note than when you enable the CasualAlarm tweak, you will not be able to select or set any other alarm sound manually by yourself. The app doesn’t traverse through third party music apps like Spotify or Pandora. It only uses Apple stock music app and music library songs.

You can download CasualAlarm from the BigBoss repository right now. It works on iOS 9 devices.

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