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alGROWithm announces applications for their Growth Talent Accelerator Programme (GTAP) 2023


Africa’s premier Growth Agency, alGROWithm recently announced that applications are open to startups from Nigeria & Kenya for their Growth Talent Accelerator Programme (GTAP) 2023. This programme is designed to upskill key startup team members into expert Growth Engineers for their businesses.

alGROWithm’s GTAP is aimed at solving the scale problem experienced by startups. Scaling requires more than just money, and sometimes startup teams lack the expertise needed to move them from start-up to scale-up. alGROWithm’s Growth Talent Accelerator Program aims to bridge this gap.

Bili Sule, Founder & CGO at alGROWithm explains that…

 “Last year, we learned that when startups hire new growth hackers, founders still have to wait for them to learn about the business before they can start creating value. So we started thinking about how to shorten that learning curve and have them deliver impact faster. We realised that many startups have team members with the foundational skills that growth expertise can be built upon, and they already have good knowledge of the business since they work there. Therefore they’ll be in a better position to deliver impact faster if upskilled into Full Stack Growth Engineers (i.e. full value chain scope of growth expertise, rather than just marketing). This is the premise upon which we structured version 2 of the programme. It’s designed to deliver impact faster”


The 2023 GTAP programme comprises of 

  • an intensive 3-day in-person Growth Hacking Bootcamp
  • 2 months of intensive online lectures and workshops on Growth skills
  • and 1 month of guided practical growth projects based on the company’s growth goals, with impact monitoring. 

Participants will also get access to a curated private community of African Growth Hackers for ongoing peer-to-peer learning.

View the Programme Brochure & pricing here –


Seyi Boya, Growth Marketing Ops Lead at alGROWithm explains that…
“Our training programme is not like many others that are theory based.  Ours is anchored in real life techniques, frameworks and strategies that we have used ourselves, in delivering growth consistently to our clients”

The GTAP curriculum starts by laying foundations on the core pillars of growth. Participants will also be taught the frameworks and tools to use for planning growth strategies and the infrastructure required to execute. They’ll also be taught Behavioural Science & Choice architecture techniques for understanding & influencing user behaviours. View the full curriculum breakdown at


Nominations are to be made by founders or business leaders and not the candidates themselves – with the exception of founders and co-founders who can nominate themselves.

Each business can nominate up to 4 team members for the programme, and each nominee will have to take a basic online screening test to ensure they have the prerequisite skills to be successful on the programme.

The deadline for nominations is 17th April 2023, and you can nominate yourself and/or team members at or share the link with your employer to nominate you.


alGROWithm is a Growth Engineering Agency fuelling the growth of African tech startups and SMEs through diagnostic insights, strategy development, and execution. Since its inception in 2019, it has worked with Tech Startups, Venture Capital Firms, Ecosystem Builders & other businesses across the African continent such as Katapult VC, LSE, Microtraction, Tech Cabal, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Founders Factory Africa & Chaka to name a few.


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