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All Types of Slot Machines that Exists


There are currently hundreds of land-based and online casinos in which you can find dozens of different slots in each of them, so we always recommend looking for references from different casinos before betting money because even though they are very similar to each other, their themes are different.

However, with online slot machines, it is possible to find many variants and types of games, such as classic slots with three or five reels, those with a bonus phase, with progressive buttons, among others. With that in mind, below we will explain the difference between all slot machines, and if you want to start playing, check out this site with bitcoin casino slots;

Classic Slots

Physical three-reel slots are better known as classics because they are considered industry pioneers, and their operation was carried out using a crank. They are the simplest, each reel contains a certain amount of symbols, and when three identical symbols appear simultaneously, the player wins the dreamed jackpot.

This type of slot is a fast game, meaning you can win a lot of money at once or lose it very quickly. The disadvantage of these games initially is that when they contain only three reels, their combination possibilities are reduced to a great degree. That’s why we saw the need to add more central horizontal pay lines, giving way to a new type of slot machine that we’ll look at next.

Video Slot

Unlike traditional physical slots, video slots that do not require mechanical reels or levers are digital and are activated by pressing a button. This type of slot machine was the forerunner of online slots, as it has video screens and relies on superior technology. 

Video slots have five or more reels and are becoming increasingly popular, as the maximum number of coins varies between one or ten pay lines. This advantage increases the probability of winning.

Slots With Progressive Buttons

Progressive slots are one of the most exciting games in the casino. The only thing, however, is that to get the progressive or accumulated pot, it is necessary to play, making maximum bets. It is required to consider that this is an essential inversion.

And how do progressive slots work? When the maximum bet is made in this type of machine, part of the amount deposited goes to the jackpot, the biggest prize formed by all players trying to get the dream boat.

Slots With Multiple Pay Lines

While traditional slot machines only have one line located horizontally in the center, multiple slot machines have various combinations of payout modes. The more pay lines you select, the bigger the bet and the more opportunities you have to earn rewards with every spin.

Slots With Minigames

This type of online slot machine is one of the most fun. In addition to the usual game of reel slots, certain plays activate bonus stages similar to minigames that can multiply your winnings.

3D Slots

All online machines that have graphics and three-dimensional elements are called 3d. The design of this type of machine is very varied and can be inspired by various themes. In addition, it usually has a mix of different kinds of slots with multiple pay lines and minigames, for example.

Single-Coin Machines

These machines are rare because slot machines that accept bills or numerous coins each spin have rendered them somewhat obsolete. Nowadays, most casinos offer the most cutting-edge slot machines on the market since they increase player amusement, which is one of the most crucial factors for the casino. Single-coin machines are also less profitable than slots from later generations.

However, they are still present in certain older, less sophisticated casinos, so if a player prefers, they can still have a traditional spinning experience. Additionally, their credits will be extended.


A multiplier is a device that accepts several coins and has a payment ratio based on the total number of coins wagered.

The first such machine was released by Bally in 1987, giving casinos a means to entice players to make larger wagers. For instance, a player would earn $5 if they wagered one coin and hit three sevens. If the machine displays the same combination while the player is betting two currencies, they will win $10. 

Except for the most lucrative winning combinations, when the payout is significantly higher when played with the maximum stake, multipliers typically pay out proportionately on all winning combinations.

While the single-coin play is still available on most multiplier slots in a typical casino, most players choose to wager the maximum amount.

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