Almpoum : Great iOS App to Customize Screenshots

Almpoum : Great iOS App to Customize Screenshots

Screenshots are of utmost importance for many people, especially for writers. Pictures provide vital information so every writer needs to take a screenshot of what they are trying to tell to their readers. iOS has an amazing screenshot system as compare to many, but there is always place for improvement. If you have a jailbroken iPhone then this little tweak called Almpoum can make your screenshot experience even better.

Almpoum is available on BigBiss repo in Cydia. Almpoum lets you do some new actions with every screenshot you take with your iPhone/iPod touch. After installation it will add some new settings to your existing screenshot settings and a pop up will appear every time you take a screenshot so you could decide what to do with it. You can save the screenshot to photo library or copy it to clipboard; you can also do both if you want.

It also comes with many other settings, which are quite easy to understand. One of the best options that you could get would be the ability to save all the screenshots in a separate album instead of Camera roll. This makes it easier to keep things clean and takes you out of the hassle of saving and finding screenshots. You can also customize screen flash which occurs when you take screenshot and can even remove it. There is also an option of notifying apps that a screenshot is taken and to upload or not, screenshots to a photo Stream, etc.

Almpoum is a great tweak for everyone and people who depend a lot on screenshots should definitely try it. As mentioned above you can get it at BigBoss repo in Cydia which should be as default. This tweak is completely free and works with both iOS 6 and iOS 7.

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