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Amazing Chrome Extension for generating Print Friendly PDF Pages [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Amazing Chrome Extension for generating Print Friendly PDF Pages [Guide]

Google launches “Print Friendly and PDF” for eliminating any kind of obtrusive elements on web pages in order to make them print friendly.

It’s common to find the distracting elements on web pages while surfing internet sites such as social media widgets, Ads, drop down menus and plenty more. Google has previously introduced some smart Apps to avoid such undesired elements. Some of the most notable names are Tranquility, Instaread and Tidyread. These Apps started our experience of avoiding distractions on Chrome. Now, “Print Friendly and PDF” provides you the ability to convert your Chrome web pages into a convenient readable format.

This new App allows you to email the pages without any kind of junk in the background. You can take a print on A4 or other letter size papers, or convert into PDF files for viewing later on. It is also very easy to use. You can install it, and then click the icon on URL bar to optimize the view on the web page by cutting short all the previously mentioned junk. A window appears in the top that allows you to specify the size of the text as well as text snippets from the current view.



 While hovering over the text, you can see “click to delete” link appearing on the webpage along with the snippets and Ads. You can click the individual elements to remove them to optimize the view according to your liking. Additionally, you can remove all the images at once by clicking “Remove images” in the top bar of the App. You can also undo your actions  as well. The window of “Print Preview“ provides options for you to print, email, and convert to PDF. This extension provides you a great deal of flexibility over your actions on chrome. You can make you webpage exactly the way you like it.


Converting the file into PDF readily is fairly simple plus you can specify the page size. You can download the PDF to your Computer for future referencing.

You can find other Chrome extensions that provide you with the options of converting the web pages to print friendly formats or PDF, but “Print Friendly and PDF” offers you all these facilities in one gadget only.

Install Print Friendly and Print From Google Chrome App Store

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