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Amazing Gaming PC by Lian Li That’s also a Desk!

by Fahad Saleem

Amazing Gaming PC by Lian Li That’s also a Desk!

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is a Taiwanese manufacturer that deals in computer cases and accessories. Their computer cases are considered among top three brands in the world. The smart use of aluminum not only gives durability to their cases but also gives them a nice look.

Lian Li manly deals in computer towers but it’s their amazingly mad attempts at making the cases more than just a case that distinguish them from others. Recently they came up with a desk case for gaming PCs. This big boy was displayed at Computex 2014, Asia’s biggest tech show.

With the trend of moving towards smallest from smaller, Lian Li seems to be moving against the waters and they have been quite successful in that, considering that their product remained the center of attention at Computex 2014. And it was literally placed in the center by the way. Look at the design and you’ll see what gamers are going to see in it.

gaming desk 2

Place this desk in any part of your home and it will look nice there. The dominant color in the desk is black and it looks just like a normal study desk with sleek legs bearing enormous weight. You open the front side and then you see it can house a big gaming PC inside.

gaming desk 3

Table surface is made of transparent shiny glass that gives it kind of an expensive look (which by the way is true). The shiny surface resembles routine living room tables with thick glass placed on top. Taking a look from above it, you can see your PC inside. Close the front side and it will go back to looking like a normal desk.


gaming desk 4

Front panel looks simple and has only few necessary ports and buttons on it. Right in front of it you have some place for keyboard and mouse. Your screen gives a look of being suspended in the mid-air but don’t worry because it’s not going to fall down.

gaming desk 5
Material used in making of this is again mostly aluminum. They have experimented with colors on the inside but from the outer side, it is black. Its legs are bent in the corners and can withstand much more weight than they seem to be able to. One thing however needs to be tested yet, what’s going to happen to its balancing when the gamers get all excited and lost in the game? Let’s wait and see until someone breaks the system and give us advice against buying it. Until then, if you are gamer and need exquisite looking desk gaming PC case, I’ll advise you to go for it and let us know about your experience.

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