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Amazon Launches its First Smartphone, the Fire Phone for just $199

by Fahad Saleem

Amazon Launches its First Smartphone, the Fire Phone for just $199

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has finally announced the company’s long awaited first ever phone. Rumors of this phone have been heard for quite a while now and naturally there has been the question of “why would Amazon want to build a new phone when there are already successful brands making excellent phones?” CEO Bezos has answered this question multiple times, saying they wanted to make something more than just a phone and their aim was to come up with something that provides something none of the existing phones are providing. According to Bezos Amazon has “world-class hardware expertise” and “hundreds of millions of engaged customers”, the ideal opportunities to enter a smart phone market with a “new phone”.

fire 1

Fulfilling their claims, they have launched this phone named Fire Phone that has four front cameras, something that no other phone has. Each of these cameras covers a range of 120 degrees so four of them together are able to detect face movements of the user and utilize it to develop applications that have more of a 3D perspective about them. These four cameras are housed in a 4.7” screen and are capable of detecting in-depth movements as well.

Key features of the phone include 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 graphics with IPS-LCD HD display. The phone has an amazing rear camera of 13 megapixel with auto-focus and optical image stabilization features. To protect the screen from scratches they have made it from Gorilla Glass 3. Over all hardware seems to be better than its rival Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.

fire 2

The best thing is yet to be disclosed though. It’s the software of the phone that makes it truly amazing. The special “dynamic perspective” required development of a compatible software and Amazon has done that well. The phone’s 3D effect does not seem to be bulging out of the screen popping your eyes, instead it gives a more subtle and smooth transition from 2D to 3D. Instead of making thing popping out, it focuses more on giving a realistic effect to depth. SDK will be made available to developers soon, confirmed by Amazon.

Yet another feature introduced by Amazon is “Firefly”. From the business perspective this feature alone can generate the revenues more than any for Amazon because with it you can scan any barcodes, store them into your phone and then purchase those items directly from Amazon.  According to Amazon “more than 100 million” items are supported by this feature. One can buy anything, from one’s favorite game on Xbox to the favorite Author’s long awaited book.

Price: $199.00 – $649.00

Click here to pre-order from Amazon.

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