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Amazon Launches Holiday Season Deals and Discounts Store

by Fahad Saleem

November is here, which means it’s time to gear up for a holiday shopping spree. Amazon, the world’s biggest online shopping platform, has announced the much awaited Black Friday deals online store. The company will up exclusive holiday season and Black Friday deals on this website. This would cut you some slack in emphatically searching for deals and discounts. However, hard work on scouring the internet for deals and coupons is still matchless.

Amazon says that it will keep updating this website for new holiday season deals till December 22. As a matter of fact, the company has already started posting amazing deals and discounts. I can see 20% off on Amazon Kindle readers, and a lot of discounts on famous clothing items. Amazon’s Black Friday deals store also contains an “upcoming deals” section on which you can find all the exciting deals and discounts to cone on your favorite products. Amazon Prime users can use special discounts from this program.

Amazon has also rolled out some new updates to its mobile apps after which you can just take out your smartphone camera, take a picture of any product and search its price on Amazon.  Amazon has expanded this nifty feature for a larger array of product categories including groceries, clothing, food, mobile and electronic devices.

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