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Amazon’s $20 Dash Button is the Best IoT Gadget for Automating Daily Tasks

by Fahad Saleem

Internet of Things is future of technology. Smart homes, connected cars, artificial intelligence and doing chores in an automated way are the metrics of the IoT revolution which is just getting started. Amazon being the pioneer of Internet of Things technology is continuing to make this marvel mainstream. After great products like Echo Dot  and Alexa smart home integration and services, the company has announced a smart IoT button which helps you do daily tasks. Named as Amazon Dash button, the simple $20 gadget could be programmed based on the user needs. You can start your car, order pizza, open gates, play music, control volume and home appliances using Amazon Dash button.

amazon dash button 1

amazon dash button 2

Amazon’s latest device was sold like hotcakes within hours of its first launch. You can program the Dash button according to your choice using the AWS API. You can also use the social media and app features of the software kit of the Dash button to integrate different apps and software of your phone and computer. You can program just about anything in Dash button and automate your tasks.

amazon dash button 3

After signing up for Amazon Web Services, which is free, you configure the AWS Lambda blueprint wizard in order to setup Dash button. You can add event sources for every event and the event will be called as soon as you press the button.

You can customize the number of button taps for every command. For example, I can set the Dash button to initiate a call to my friend when I press it, let’s say, four times.

Amazon Dash button offers amazing IoT features in a minute price. It is literally a dream come true for the Internet of Things enthusiasts. If you are a developer who is seeking to peruse a career in IoT, buy this great and cheap gadget and start playing with it. It is also a must buy for all those who want to automate their daily tasks and live a real tech lifestyle.


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