Ameka, The Latest Mobile Game On The Block Tailored For Black Kids

Ameka, The Latest Mobile Game On The Block Tailored For The Black Kids

When you go online to an app store looking for mobile games for your kids, you will soon learn there are hundreds of thousands of games for kids. However, as an African-American parent, looking for kids games designed with the African-American kids in mind, You will begin to notice just how rare such games are in the app store.

Well, that situation is improving as more programmers start creating apps and games that can relate better to the average African-American kid. One such game is Ameka, a mobile game with the central character called Ameka Love.

The storyline of the game is about the beautiful girl Ameka trying to find her way to the Crystal Mountain. Players of the game will be taken through a fun journey that will also teach them some of the valuable life lessons.

To play the game, players must successfully make Ameka overcome various challenges on her way to the Crystal Mountain. To do that, kids will have to employ their cognitive skills in math, knowing shapes and colors for Ameka to overcome the challenges. The game will also call upon the kids to use critical thinking and tap into their brain’s problem-solving capacity for Ameka to proceed to the next level of the game.

Along her journey to the Crystal Mountain, Ameka will also teach kids playing the game invaluable lessons such as yoga and being aware of their chakras. That being said, Ameka is a mobile game that clearly sets itself apart from your typical mobile games for kids.

Kids can play the game as their favorite pass time activity while at the same time they exercise their brain’s thinking capacity, learn new vocabularies and work on their reading ability.

The game also comes with various interactive play scenes that allow the children to tap on an individual object and see.

The game is suitable for kids aged between 2 to 9 years old. However, older children will enjoy the game even better, since they will probably be better at controlling how Ameka overcome the challenges and proceed to the next level faster. At the end of it all, Ameka is a game built with the focus on making kids tap into their brains’ power of creativity, critical thinking, cognitive skills and improve their reading abilities.

You can download the game to your iOS devices at iTunes App Store or to your Android device at Play Store. For more information, head on to Ameka Love website.

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