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Apple’s iPhone is the default phone-of-choice at its home grounds. That is according to a survey done by an industry analysis firm Robert W. Baird & Co. That established that in the U.S. consumers out to buy a phone were more likely to go for an iPhone than Android.

The most recent research by the firm has 1,500 respondents in the U.S., of which, 15% were about to go out to buy a new phone in the next two months or less. 67% of them said they were definitely going for an iPhone and not the competing mobile OS Android.

Our semiannual U.S. Apple survey confirms slowing smartphone purchase intent, but on a bright note, suggest continued strong iPhone share,” said William Power from the research firm Baird in a note addressing the investors.

iPhone users tend to stick with the Apple ecosystem

We might have mentioned earlier that Apple has the tendency of locking in users into their ecosystem. Well, that remains true according to the findings of this research firm.

In the same note by William Power to investors, it is pointed out that iPhone consumers in the U.S. are generally heavily invested in the whole Apple ecosystem. The consumers on average own 2.6 computers from Apple; be it a Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch.

People not upbeat about streaming Apple TV

Google remains superior when it comes to software and applications. You might be owning an Apple product, but it is Google’s applications you almost always keep using in these iDevices.

Apple is expected to soon unveil a video streaming service to rival Google’s YouTube; that could possibly happen this month. However, according to research done by Robert W. Baird & Co. people are not exactly thrilled by the idea of streaming Apple TV.

Just 18% of the respondent said they had interest in becoming subscribers. Though that could change once Apple launches the streaming service. You never know how much of a convincing marketing campaign the Cupertino company will have to fuel up enthusiasm.

The research also found high optimism in Apple relatively recent products including the Apple Watch and Apple Music. The company has had high success in these newer products.

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