Analyze Your Sleeping Patterns with Sleep Better App for Android and iOS

 Analyze Your Sleeping Patterns with Sleep Better App for Android and iOS

Do you feel fresh when you wake up or still feel that you didn’t sleep at all, even after resting for 10 hours? Sleep Better is an innovative iOS and Android app developed by Runtastic that analyzes your sleeping patterns. It tells how well you sleep. This app also gets integrated with the iOS 8 Health App. This article will tell you how well you sleep with the help of Sleep Better app.

Find Out How Well You Sleep with Sleep Better App

You don’t need to wear anything for Sleep Better to work. You just need to set the alarm, place your phone into an outlet, and set it near you before you go to sleep. Simply launch the app and set the alarm. By default, the alarm is set for 8 am in the morning. While setting the alarm, you can record whether you had a drink before sleeping, had some caffeine, worked out, had a stressful day, or you had a late meal.

For editing the alarm, you need to tap the time on the app’s home screen. You can also edit the settings of alarm by clicking on the alarm clock icon at the top right.

When you are ready to sleep, you need to press start and then you may go to sleep. Sleep Better allows you to record your dreams after waking up. Whenever you have a dream, you just need to tap the little cloud icon at the top left of the app’s screen. You can mention the dream to be good or bad. You can also enter the details of the dream.

When the alarm rings up, you need to slide it to turn it off. The app will ask you how well you feel. It will then generate the report based on the data that you entered before going to bed and after waking up. The app also allows you to view overall stats for each entry you make. You can also narrow down the results to a week or month by buying the full version of the app.

The app also features some ads which could be removed by buying the full version. This app basically calculates the sleep efficiency, which isn’t exactly what you consider as a sound sleep. It is slient about the REM cycle but it takes into account the effect of the moon cycle on your sleep. It is quite a useful app if you are habitual in sleeping late. Overall, it gives the rough idea about your sleeping patterns. It is available for free so you should try it immediately. You will soon find out how well you sleep.

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