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Andela Learning Community (ALC 2.0) launches in Kenya

by Milicent Atieno
andela learning community alc 2.0

Have you been harboring dreams of becoming a software engineer, but due to lack of chance think it is just a dream? Well if you are in Kenya, you will be glad to know that thanks to Google, Andela, and Udacity, your dreams of becoming a software engineer could come true as Andela Learning Community (ALC 2.0) launches in the country.

What is the Andela Learning Community?

ALC, as it is popularly known, is a program sponsored through a partnership between Google and Andela that seeks to train people across the continent of Africa, ICT skills. The ALC 1.0 (the inaugural program) was launched in Nigeria in February 2017 and had attracted over 4,500 applications with only 2,000 students being enrolled.

ALC is now launching in Kenya as ALC 2.0. Kenya becomes the second country where the program is available. The program is open to anyone in Kenya above 13 years old; whether or not they have prior technical skills in ICT.

ALC 2.0 will take learners through Udacity courses in software development ranging from beginner to intermediate courses on web development, Android development, and product design.

Growing a Talent Pool of Techies in Africa

Google and Andela hope to cultivate a pool of technology solutions providers across the African continent. As opposed to a pool of technology solutions consumers, as it has been the case for a long time in Africa. The continent has historically consumed much of imported tech solutions, and that was majorly contributed to a lack of technical skills training across many countries on the continent.

How to take part in the ALC 2.0

If you are familiar with Udacity, you should know they offer all their courses online. The ALC 2.0 will be no exception, so to participate you need a reliable internet connection and (ideally) a laptop. There is also a chance for one-on-one physical meetups and peer-learning groups online.

ALC 2.0 is currently receiving applications, and all interested Kenyans are encouraged to apply now. The application window closes on October 21, 2017. As stated earlier, prior programming experience is not a prerequisite for consideration.

Click here to apply.

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