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Andrew West: National Best-Selling Author, President Of NBITLO and Technology Entrepreneur

by Felix Omondi

Andrew West: National Best-Selling Author, President Of NBITLO and Technology Entrepreneur
Andrew WestIf you are an avid reader of books, articles, blogs and any other publications on technology and commerce, then you must have heard of Andrew West. Currently, he is without a doubt one of the best selling national authors who has done a phenomenal job on writing  an insightful book that seeks to improve the efficiency and leadership of any organization hence enabling it to meet its business goals and objectives.

At the age of 35, West has already carved his name on the positive side of history as a national best-selling author, philanthropists, technology entrepreneur and a technology thought-leader. He is also the founding President of NBITLO (National Black Information Technology Leadership Organization), and the CEO of Houston-Based West Innovation Group: a consulting firm that provides a full service technology support and solutions specializing in technology policies, strategy and enterprise deployments. Andre West is an avid advocate on the subjects of blacks in technology entrepreneurialism, Blacks in Tech and STEM education.

By all definitions, West is among the Senior level IT leaders who have a rich executive level of experience, which is probably one of the traits that made him a best-selling national author of: The Modern CEO: Technology Tools, Innovation & Guidebook for Today’s Tech Savvy Leader (2012, Authorhouse). In this book, West targets organization’s leaders and explains the potential benefits that would accrue to them and their organization, should they employ technology in their day to day activities of running their organizations. West is quoted saying: “Information technology and business have become fused in such a way that they are independent and cohesive…We can no longer plan strategically without including the Technology component at the inception of any idea or initiative”.

 As a testimony to his keen understanding and appreciation to employing technology to make organization more effective, West has spearheaded various tech-revenue projects that generated more than $157 million dollars, he also established systems that brought cost-saving yet efficient systems to his clients. His methodology enables organization leaders and organization operations overcome numerous milestones, obstacles and transitions to make them highly effective leaders and competitive organizations.

Andrew West without a doubt has achieved a lot with technology and is now teaching his ideas to the business leaders of organizations. He is an avid advocate for the technology-integrated learning system, he also serves as a great mentor to the numerous early career technology professionals. He now resides in the great silicone south of Houston, Texas.

Stay tuned next week as we complete a book review on part 2 of the Andrew West story.

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