Android Emulator for PC: Download and Install (Guide)

Android Emulator for PC: Download and Install (Guide)

The popularity of Google’s Android OS has forced the users to find ways to bring it to their Windows PC for trying the wonderful Android apps on their desktops and laptops. For this purpose, you need to download android emulator that would install and run Android apps on your Windows PC. This article discusses the installation method for YouWave, which is one of the best android emulator. It contains some exciting features that make it even better than BlueStacks in some cases.

How to Install Android Emulator for Windows 8/7/XP

  • You need to download the YouWave emulator from its official website. It is available in two versions: Basic Edition and Home Edition. Their prices are $19.99 and $14.99 respectively. Choose the version that suites your requirements.
  • You need to uninstall Virtual Box before installing YouWave.
  • Run the YouWave emulator and then wait until the complete booting of the Android OS.
  • You will see the Android emulator on your PC as follows.

  • For installing Android apps on YouWave, go to the menu on top of the screen.


  • The menu screen will appear as shown below.

  • In the application menu, click on the Browser, and open Google Play Store.

  • Login with your Google account and search for your applications in it.


  • Consider the installation of Twitter app as shown below.

  • You can also try an alternate method for installing Android Apps on PC. First of all download the apk file of your desired android app. Import the apk file in YouWave emulator by clicking on “redraw icons” from the view menu as shown below.

  • Now, continue with the installation of apps from the sidebar.

Finally, you are done with installation of android emulator for PC. I hope, YouWave will provide you great fun and entertainment when you try Android apps and games on your Windows PC. By far, YouWave is the best Android emulator for Windows 8. You will get worth of every penny that you shell out for buying this Android emulator. The features and characteristics will provide you great user experience. Your whole family can use it with the Home Edition.

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