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Android Messages for Web now available to everyone across the globe

by Felix Omondi
android messages for web

You, like most people, may not understand the strategy Google is using when it comes to its messaging apps. They are just so too many, with each one more or less doing what the other one can do. Be that as it may, the search engine recently unveiled a cool feature for its Android Messages.

The feature, Android Messages for Web, enables you send and receive SMS messages from your computer. It works by your paring a web portal to the Android Messages running on your phone, with both your computer and smartphone being connected to the internet throughout your usage.

The feature was first availed to a some users around the world, and this week, Google engineer Justine Uberti revealed on Twitter that Android Messages for Web have been availed to everyone around the messages for web

So to all who were earlier disappointed that Google had not rolled out the feature to their area, all you need to do is make sure you’re running the latest update of the app, and give it a go on your computer. Well, it doesn’t only work on your computer. You can also use it on your tablet, provided you have a browser and go to to pair it with your smartphone running the latest Android Messages app.

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