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Good Bye Smart Tablets. Hellooo Neptune Pine!

by Fahad Saleem

Good Bye Smart Tablets. Hellooo Neptune Pine!

Another revolution into the world of smart-phones is  being brought to you by Neptune Pine. The Pine contains a full-fledge Android 4.1 OS and provision of two cameras. The Pine, in line with a series of smart-phones, hails a new trend of smart-watches referred to as ‘Phablet’. It has brought tremendous innovation into the world of wrist-worn watches.  Now you are literally wearing a portable PC on your wrist.

pine 2

Neptune Pine has features of a full-fledge computer it has 1 GHz single processor, 2.5 inches screen and Android 4.1 OS, it can easily replace your mobile phones or even tablets. Gone will be the days of a  smart tablet. Now all you need will be your smart watch.

On screen and images, the Neptune Pine appears small. The Pine is pretty much the size of standard wrist-watch but with a slightly wider display. It dwarfs any other similar sort of watches that have ever been developed thus far. The 320*240 inches display provides almost one inch larger diagonal length as compared to Galaxy Gear’s 1.63 inches size display. Most surprisingly, the watch doesn’t seem to put any sort of strain on our wrist in terms of its weight.

Also, the Pine has a 5 Megapixels rear camera, you can always remove it from its wrist band and capture your desired pictures.  Plus it includes a VGA format front camera that is used for video chatting. Speakers with volume control and microphones are also embedded in it along with  a slot for Micro-USB. Among the never ending features of Neptune Pine, it contains Wi-Fi for using internet as well as Bluetooth 4 for transferring data. It has a friendly interface for scrolling through various icons for messaging, making calls, texting, and video chatting. You can add a plethora of Apps into it for multiple purposes.

Neptune Pine is set to be launched later in 2014, but you can book your orders now by clicking on Neptune.  The Pine has price tag of $335 which is not much higher than a  Galaxy Gear which retails for $299.


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