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Angel Investor Masterclass Nairobi August 11 | Building a Continent of Angel Investors

How Angel Investors Can Help Shape the Continent

How Angel Investors Can Help Shape the ContinentAfter a successful series of Angel Investor Bootcamps and Masterclasses last year, ABAN, the African Business Angel Network, is looking forward to now launch the 2016 series of investor events.

These investor sessions are part of a shared effort to connect the network, knowledge and capital needed to support the continued growth of Africa’s innovation sectors and to help maximize the continents entrepreneurial potential.

The series will focus on facilitating interactions between aspiring angel investors, experienced angel investors, promising high-potential entrepreneurs and other relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem from NGO’s government institutions and the academic world.

Announcing the Angel Investor Masterclass Nairobi August 11

How Angel Investors Can Help Shape the ContinentTo help kick-off the 2016 series award-winning ‘European Angel Investor of the Year 2015’ Brigitte Baumann will return to Nairobi August 11 to host the Nairobi edition of the ABAN Angel Investor master-class. Brigitte is a serial entrepreneur; long time Angel Investor and President Emeritus of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN).

She is the Founder and CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing and Chairperson of Global Angel Investing group YPO. Dr. Jasper Grosskurth, Managing Director of Research Solutions Africa, and a board member of VC4Africa will also share the findings of the Venture Finance in Africa 2016 report highlighting the performance of early stage, high growth ventures and the activity of early stage investors in Africa.

A panel of local investors and experts will compliment the session. The panel will consist of Harry hare, Executive Producer of DEMO Africa, Martin Kiillu of Impact Advisory firm Intellecap, Keziah Njieri, co-founder of Viktoria Ventures and Robert Yawe, long time startup mentor and advisor. The Events will be moderated by ABAN board member and Viktoria Ventures co-founder Stephen Gugu.

Stephen Gugu comments, ”we very much look forward to welcome Brigitte Baumann back to Nairobi. For this years masterclass we asked Brigitte to prepare a case that will cover the entire investment spectrum from valuation, due diligence, negotiation, post-investment monitoring and finally, exit – and we cant wait to learn from her experience and discuss this amongst the participants.”

The Nairobi Masterclass will take place at the Best Western from 2 pm to 5 pm. Audience is investors-only and seating is limited. For more information please contact the local team via [email protected]. Next to the event in the afternoon a closed-door hands-on training will take place in the morning for members of the Viktoria Ventures Investor Network.

The Why and How of ABAN – the African Business Angel Network

ABAN is a pan African non-profit association founded early 2015 to support the development of early stage investor networks across the continent. ABAN began as a consortium of independent investor networks including the Lagos Angels Network (LAN), Cameroon Angel Network (CAN), Ghana Angel Network (GAIN), Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A), Silicon Cape and with the support of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN), the LIONS Africa Partnership and DEMO Africa. In the past 15 months the community has grown to some forty investor networks, groups and syndicates across the African continent.

David van Dijk, ABAN co-founder and Director General: “ABAN exists to grow the number of local investors. There is so much untapped potential and so much African capital that is NOT being channeled to the next generation of African entrepreneurs who have the potential to shape the future of the continent. We want to make investing easier and get more deals done.  At this stage we se ‘capacity building’ as a critical step and are excited therefore to help build programs to bring people together, to educate and inspire new investors and help existing investors become better investors.”

2016 Series of Investor Bootcamps and Masterclasses

Audience for the events are new aspiring investors interested in learning about early stage investing as well as seasoned, experienced investors looking to share best practices and engage with peers. The Bootcamps and Masterclasses are organised with the support of the LIONS Africa Partnership, VC4Africa and ABAN members representing the early stage investor community in their region or country.

Thinking about hosting an investor bootcamp or masterclass in your city? Get in touch with the ABAN team at: [email protected]to find out how we can help.

Let’s build a continent of Angel Investors in Africa.

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