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Anne Kunene – Meet the Ladies of #AWITKenya2018 Conference

awit kenya 2018

This week we shine the spotlight on Anne Kunene, marketing executive at Talinda East Africa, as she shares her passion for technology and volunteering at Technovation Kenya.

Anne Kunene

Welcome Anne, it’s our pleasure to have you. Tell us a little about yourself and background.

Thank you so much for having me! My name is Anne Waithira Kunene, born and raised in Nakuru county, Kenya. I am a computer science graduate from Egerton University. Currently I am the marketing executive at Talinda East Africa.

I am passionate about technology and the changes it brings and would love to see more girls take up STEM careers – so I volunteer with Technovation Kenya, mentor and sharing personal stories from lessons learned. I love poetry too.

How has women conferences (or AWIT specifically) helped you in your business/career so far?  

Women conferences, AWIT especially, has helped me in my career and personal life. Attending these conferences have improved my self esteem and helped me to become bold.

Surrounding myself with women who have already made it in the tech field and other fields helps me view the world a little different, create a wide range of connections and opened new doors.

I am grateful for this and encourage every woman to build networks that will impact not just their careers but also their personal development.

What’s one message you want to share with other women in tech/business?

One message I want to share with women is this  — It is all yours for the taking; don’t limit yourself into thinking there are places you aren’t allowed to go to, events you aren’t allowed to attend and jobs you wouldn’t be allowed to apply for

What areas in your career do you need more boldness to succeed? This question is based on the theme of this summit “Be Bold”

Being a Marketer in an ICT company, is overwhelming sometimes and anxiety builds up. I would love to brand myself more as my personal image represents my company’s image.

I need to get out more and be bold enough to tell of the amazing work my company does – providing ICT infrastructure to help businesses grow which in turn helps the national economy and social growth of Kenya, Africa and the world at large.

Join Anne and other pan-African women in technology at the 2018 African Women in Technology (AWIT) Conference, Nairobi this July.

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