Another cohort entrepreneurs of Microsoft Insiders4Good program graduate

microsoft Insiders4Good

Another cohort of 20 entrepreneurs from East Africa graduate from Microsoft’s Insiders4Good program. They successfully completed a six-month training program.

Microsoft launched the Insiders4Good program after partnering with a network of local experts. The program identifies promising entrepreneurs and enlist them into the training program, which is designed to help them scale their business and bring their ideas into fruition.

The program first launched in Nigeria, and after the impact it had, Microsoft decided to extend the program to East Africa. As Bambo Sofola, Microsoft Director of Software Engineering at Microsoft explains:

It has been an absolute pleasure and an inspiring experience to work with the East African Insiders4Good Fellows. From the initial boot camp, right through to the completion of the program, all have continued to display the same tenacity and problem-solving creativity that led us to choose them for this fellowship.”

During the course of the program, the participants gained much a deep-dive education exposure into Microsoft and the broader Windows Insider community working. They got exposure to hardware, software, mentorship, and access to a global network of influencers, leaders, and organizations.

The trainees were given an opportunity to sharpen their deep strategic thinking pattern. All the while, Microsoft got more experience to better tailor the program for higher effectiveness for the next cohort of entrepreneurs that will be enrolled into the program.

Just as the Fellows have learned from the program, we at Microsoft have gained invaluable insight as well. From working with each entrepreneur, we’ve been able to deepen our understanding of how we can adapt and improve our product offerings to better support and provide optimum opportunities to future Fellows,” added Sofola.

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