App Switcher Not Displaying In Windows 8.1 Problem Solved

App Switcher Not Displaying In Windows 8.1 Problem Solved

People who have upgraded their Windows OS  to Windows 8 are facing a problem regarding the usage of their ALT + Tab hotkey – a key used to switch between different applications. In today’s article we will give you a tutorial on how to fix this problem

Enable Application Switching

To enable the Application switching follow the steps given below

  1. Open Start Screen under Settings
  2. Type Allow and click on Allow switching between recent applications.
  3. Make sure the option is ON.


Changing the Registry Values

To fix registry manually, follow the steps below.

  • Open Run box
  • Type regedit and press Enter

  1. Click on HKEY Current User > Software > expand Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion
  2. Right click on the AltTabSetting name RED, DWORD on the right and choose Delete.
  3. Then reboot your system once you close the Registry Editor.

Now try to use your Hot keys and check whether the problem is resolved, if the problem still persists, you should look for a third party glitches  by switching to Safe Mode. If this resolves the issue you then have to disable each service/startup item from the System Configuration box to figure out the exact element which is causing this problem.

  1. To access Safe  Mode, navigate to msconfig from run and click on the Boot tab

  1. Check the Safe boot option present under your Boot options and enable Minimal, and click OK.
  2. Restart your System.

However, if nothing seems to work, move to the Safe PC Refresh and to do that following are the steps

  1. Move your mouse to the upper corner of your screen and move down to choose Settings.

  1. Click on Change PC Settings and go to Update and Recovery.
  2. Select Recovery, and look for Refresh Your PC without affecting your files option and click on Get Started.
  3. Follow the instruction given on the screen. After you are done, restart your computer

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