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Apple to End iPhone 4 Support After iPhone 7 Launch

by Fahad Saleem

The world is currently going haywire as Apple is set to launch iPhone 7 this month. But in the midst of all this euphoria, it is important to note that Apple’s all-time popular and the best iPhone model, iPhone 4, is going to get obsolete as the tech giant will end its support, repair, helpline support and all company-related packages and deals after the launch of the new iPhone 7 model.

Apple will launch iPhone 7 on September 7, and the next week, its iPhone 4 will get the “vintage” category. Vintage status means that a product loses official support, repair and services by the company. Many iPhone models, like iPhone 3 and its related iterations, have been thrown into the store by the company. Apart from the iPhone 4, Apple is also set to end the support for iMac 2009 20 inch model, Mac mini and Mac mini server, which was released in 2010. Other than that, some iPod shuffle versions are also getting thrown away into the vintage store.

When the company ends the support for a product, it usually harbingers the best time to sell the product as any repair or problem will not be covered by the company. You can sell iPhone 4 online or at your local phone stores to get some other cheap or feasible iPhone.


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