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Apple Has Enough Cash to Buy Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, Tesla, GM, Uber, Yahoo

by Fahad Saleem

Gigantic Apple Supersedes All Other Tech Companies in Comparison

The quarterly earnings number of Apple showed how large the Cupertino Company really is in the tech world. The latest set of results put Apple way ahead of most of the renowned names in market. You will be startled to see the comparison of status of Apple with other heavyweights in the tech and other industries.

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Starbucks couldn’t earn as many revenues last year as compared to increase in revenues of Apple in the last quarter. The total revenues of Apple in the last three months were $74.6 billion that signifies an increase of $17 billion compared to the same period last year. Last year, Starbucks could earn only $16.4 billion.


Apple’s profit in the last quarter grew by an astounding amount that superseded total profits of Bank of America in 2014. The net profit of the latter was $4.8 billion that appears quite small as compared to the increase in worth of Apple.

The story doesn’t end here. During the last quarter of 2014, Apple earned almost twice as much revenues from China than that got by McDonald from America in the whole year. Apple made business of $16.1 billion from China’s business in the last quarter of 2014 as compared to the total revenues of $8.65 billion of McDonalds from US.

By now, you would have got the idea about the net worth of Apple. It is hard to guess the exact figure, but it lies around $645 billion, which should be sufficient to buy Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and HP.

The products of Apple face the similar boost. iPhone is a major contributor to the revenues of Apple. The revenues reached an extraordinary peak of $51 billion in the last quarter that is 57% better than that of the previous year. General Motors report revenues of $39.3 billion during the last year.

After the declaration of aforementioned results, the value of Apple saw a major boost by 7% in after-hours trading. This amount refers to astonishing $45 billion which is almost equal to entire value of Yahoo.

Apple is the behemoth in the tech industry. It is on its way to become the first trillion dollar market company.

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