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Apple HomePod Fails Badly, Can’t Execute Basic Commands: Alexa, Google Home Win

by Fahad Saleem

Analysts had predicted the downfall of Apple several months ago. But it seems the company’s blunders are hastening the decline of the biggest tech company of the world. Apple recently launched HomePod, its much-awaited smart home device that was touted to become a competitor of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. But almost every review shows that HomePod is a failure, so much so that it’s embarrassing Apple worldwide.

HomePod is based on Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Siri in HomePod is full of flaws, the chief of which is that it says “No” to almost every basic command. Here are a few:

Hey Siri, put an appointment on my calendar”

Siri: No

“Make a phone call.”

Can’t do that

“Send a message saying ‘When are you getting here?”

Siri: “When are you gay.”

Source: Washington Post

Security Flaw

Reviewers have spotted several major problems in Apple HomePod. Siri in HomePod treats every voice the same. This means that anyone can activate Siri on my HomePod and issue commands to control by home devices. This is a major security flaw.

Failure to do even the Basic Stuff

The performance of Siri has gone to gutter in HomePod, even though the virtual assistant performs fairly well in Apple iPhones and iPads. Using HomePod, you cannot send emails, make calls or hail an Uber. These basic things could be easily done in iPhones using Siri.

Apple designed HomePod spectacularly. It’s a beautiful cylindrical device with state of the art speakers that are very receptive. It’s an excellent speaker to listen songs. But the device misses its point altogether. Apple didn’t release HomePod for songs. It launched the device to capture the smart “home” market, which is expected to reach market worth of about $138 billion.

$350 for what?

Apple’s HomePod costs a whopping $350. The fact that the device fails to answer even the basic questions show that Apple has taken for granted its huge customer base, which would buy just about anything with an Apple tag on it.

Google, Amazon Will Crush Apple in the Smart Home Industry

It’s now an established fact that Google is the leader in the smart home industry. Recently, a research report suggested that Google Home answers 84% of the basic questions correctly, while Amazon Alexa answers 64% of the basic questions. Guess what, Apple HomePod could make it to just 52%.

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