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Apple iPad Air 3 Rumored Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

by Fahad Saleem

Apple iPad Air 3 Rumored Specs, Features, Price and Release Date

The speculations about the upcoming iPad Air 3 in 2015 are already in the air. Just about two months ago, Apple released iPad Air 2 which impressed the users with its impressive, slim, and lightweight design. It presented a gorgeous profile as compared to iPad Air 2013. Now in 2015, Apple will continue the trend of improvement in design features in iPad Air 3 or iPad 7. At the moment, Air 2 is making sufficient space in the market while the rumors of iPad Air 3 are also capturing the attention of users. The rumors are coming parallel for iPad Air 3 and iPad 7.

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iPad Air 2 was thinnest tablet of the family with only 6.1mm thickness. It is even thinner as compared to iPhone 6. iPad Air 2013 was 7.5mm thick. If we talk about the iPad Air 3 thickness, it must be slimmer than iPad Air 2. It should lie around 5 mm. This would certainly make it the world’s thinnest tablet.

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iPad Air 3 is also expected to carry splendid design features. We expect advanced Touch ID sensor to offer great user experience. AX8 chip with triple-core processor 1.5GHz and 2GB of RAM in iPad Air 2 was sufficient to run a huge range of apps from iTunes play store. We should expect next generations A9X chip to be provided in iPad Air 3 that will carry extremely fast performance.

iPad Air 3 will certainly be a beast with rich set of expected features as follows:

  • 7-inch screen with 4K resolution
  • 3GB RAM
  • Apple A9X with Quad-core, 2GHz processor chip
  • Advanced Touch ID technology.
  • 5mm thickness
  • 4G connectivity to internet
  • 8MP front camera for supporting high quality selfies
  • 10MP primary sensor
  • 128GB on-board memory
  • Waterproof and Dustproof

These specifications will certainly make iPad Air 3 excel in the market as compared to its competitors.

When you talk about price range of iPad Air 3, you should definitely guess it to be higher as compared to that of iPad Air 2 since it contains advanced features and specifications. iPad Air 2 costs $600 for 16GB, $725 for 64GB, and $850 for 128GB models. All these models contain Wi-Fi for connectivity. If you desire to buy iPad Air 2 with Cellular connection also, then you will have to shell out more money.

iPad Air 3 is expected to reach the record number of sales as soon as it gets launched in the third quarter of 2015. iPad Air and iPad Air 2 were released in October in their respective years. So, we shouldn’t expect iPad Air 3 to make the markets earlier than October 2015.

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