Apple iPhone 6 Vs HTC One M8: A Detailed Comparison of Specs and Features

Apple iPhone 6 Vs HTC One M8: A Detailed Comparison of Specs and Features

Apple has launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus recently that offers the highest screen sizes in the iPhone lineup. These smartphones are competing some of the best Android smartphones around in the global market. This article reviews the comparison between iPhone 6 and HTC One M8 in the light of their specs.


The price of iPhone 6 16GB model is around £539, while for 64GB and 128GB models cost £619 and £699 respectively. When HTC One M8 was released, it was priced quite high. However, it has dropped down in price to £429 from Amazon like retailers. You can save more than £100 here.


Apple loves to design the new devices with thinner and sleeker feel than before. iPhone 6 seems slimmer as compared to HTC One M8 with 6.9 mm thickness and 129 g weight. HTC One M8 carries 9.4mm thickness with weight of 160g. Both these tech giants didn’t go for dust or water repellant designs. Both these smartphones are most elegant and luxurious in the smartphone market today. Both employ the brushed aluminum case. iPhone 6 possesses a more curved design like the HTC One M8. iPhone 6 could be considered to be a little more delicate that would require encasing of some sort.


iPhone 6 follows the trend of Android of offering large screens. It carries 4.7-inch screen as compared to the 4-inch screen from the previous model. iPhone 6 Plus offers even bigger size of 5.5-inch. HTC One M8 carries a slightly larger screen size of 5-inch as compared to iPhone and a better resolution also. It supports full HD 1080p display with 441ppi pixel density. iPhone 6 offers 750×1334 resolution that packs 326 ppi. You will certainly enjoy a better multimedia experience in HTC One M8.


iPhone 6 continues the trend of offering support for internal storage only. It comes in internal storage configurations of 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The 32GB model is dropped out. HTC One offers less choice in terms of internal storage of 16GB and 32GB versions. However, the choices are varied when you consider that it supports external microSD card of up to 128GB storage. It might be a big deal for customers.

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Overall, you must declare HTC One M8 as the winner between the two smartphones since it contains better specs and features. However, the lovers of iPhones would still stick to iPhone 6.

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