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Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Specs: Everything You Need to Know

by Fahad Saleem

Apple iPhone 7 Release Date and Specs: Everything You Need to Know

2015 is certainly expected to be a huge year for technology as the companies like Apple and Samsung are going to launch their ace cards in market. Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 enjoyed great success last year. Now, it’s time to move forward in the competitive tech market. The users of iOS devices would be highly anticipating iPhone’s next model to be released this year. Well, we have included some useful details regarding probable Apple’s next flagship iPhone 7 release date and iPhone 7 features.

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iPhone 7 Release Date

Apple has the tradition to release its major flagship devices around September every year. iPhone 6 was uncovered on September 9 last year and iPhone 5c was launched on 10 September 2013. Therefore, we should expect iPhone 7 to get launched before last quarter of this year.

However, Apple might begin releasing two flagship devices every year now to stay ahead in the fierce competition with the likes of Samsung and Sony. It won’t be surprising if Apple breaks its famous September pattern and unveil iPhone 6S in summer and then iPhone 7 in September.

iPhone 7 Specifications

Screen Size

You will find many theories behind Apple’s concept of screen size. Last year, Apple took a great leap with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in this niche, competing with Galaxy line devices. The main concern with increasing the size is that iPhone will appear like a tablet instead of a phone. 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus seems quite huge when you use it with one hand as a smartphone. Perhaps, iPhone 5S was the perfect choice in terms of screen size of 4-in for holding easily in your hands. It will not be surprising if Apple sticks with rather small display for iPhone 7.

3D Display

According to the Economic Daily News, iPhone 7 could feature a 3D display. Apple supply chain partner TPK is working on a project related to naked eye 3D screen. It means you won’t require glasses to view the 3D effect.

iPhone 7 Camera

Apple is likely to make a big leap as far as camera is concerned. Fireball’s John Gruber recently stated in a podcast on his blog that iPhone 7 will feature 2-lens system that will allow users to capture DSLR-quality imagery.

Dual-lens system offers great advantages over the current iPhone 6 lens, including the option for adding optical zoom. iPhone 7 is also rumored to show good performance in low light conditions.

iPhone 7 Processor

iPhone 7 is expected to use A9 series of processors for the next generation of smartphones. The processors will be based on 14nm design. The latest chips are going to be smaller, more powerful and efficient.

New Features

Apple is likely to include some new features in iPhone 7 as briefly highlighted below:

  • Joystick style Home button will be provided for playing games.
  • iPhone 7 will contain Force Technology to differentiate between a tap and a press.
  • Inductive wireless charging might be included in iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 features are really superb according to the rumors so you can expect a hefty price tag with iPhone 7.  One thing is for sure, as the summer inches near, rumors regarding iPhone 7 specs and release date will get a spike across the web.

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