Apple is now censoring Crowd Reaction coverage when it announced its ridiculous $1,000 stand

apple monitor stand

Monday, June 3 – Apple unveiled the next line up of Mac Pro (took them long enough), but it was not the center-stage of the event as the company had hoped. It was the rather exorbitantly priced $999 monitor stand.

Immediately the speaker at the podium announced the price of the stand, people in the audience started groaning. The Register alongside other media houses posted a video of the audience’s reactions.

The $1,000 monitor stand went to become all people talked about the event; and not in a good light. More along the lines of extortion, too expensive, and extravagant. It dawned on Apple that its monitor stand price is overshadowing everything else about the event, and so they decided to go on damage control mode.

Copyrights infringements

Get this, to stop media houses from focusing on the insanely priced monitor stand, Apple is pulling the copyrights infringement card on media houses. For instance, the video posted by The Register showing the crowd reaction as Apple announced the price of the stand, has been pulled down.

That is after Apple called on The Register to pull down the video on the ground that it infringed on its copyrights. Well, The Register was not the only people with a video recording capability within that conference.

Some of the attendees were recording the event on their camera phones and were kind enough to share their footages with the world on YouTube. Good luck to Apple trying to pull the copyrights infringement card on people on YouTube.

That is to say, while you can no longer see the footage by The Register and other big publishers. You can probably get tens of footage on the same from people who attended the event and recorded it on their smartphones. Like the one, we have below for instance.

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