iStore Launches iDeals; The First Official iPhone Finance Deal in Nigeria

iStore Launches iDeals; The First Official iPhone Finance Deal in Nigeria

With the launch of iDeals in Nigeria by iStore, iPhone enthusiasts in Nigeria can now purchase iPhones in a cost effective instalments-payment package that is absolutely interest free. The iDeal will be the first official finance deal available in Nigeria for iPhones, and will give Nigerians the opportunity to purchase iPhones on a 12 months instalment-payment basis.

The announcement of the launch of iDeals came shortly after the official launch of iPhone in Nigeria through Apple Authorized Resellers. iStore became the first authorized reseller by Apple and will be selling iPhones alongside offering customers iDeals.

iStore’s Director, Jan van Spaandok, said, “We are thrilled to launch iDeals and offer a finance option for iPhone and give Nigerians the opportunity to purchase at an affordable monthly rate. iDeals is genuinely interest free – if you divide the cash price of iPhone by 12, this is the monthly payment you will make, there is no additional interest.”

The iDeals package is currently available for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c through a StanbicIBTC salary account. The iDeals starts at a payment package of 9500 Naira monthly for the iPhone 5c 16GB, N11,300 monthly for the iPhone 5s 16GB model, N13,000 monthly for the iPhone 5s 32GB model and N14,800 monthly for the iPhone 5s 64GB model. The conventional option of cash pricing for customers who want to pay straight cash for their iPhone is still available.

Anyone in Nigeria, who wants to get an iPhone using the iDeals payment model can apply for it through iStore, or visit any StanbicIBTC branch across Nigeria or go online to After you’ve submitted your application form, it will be processed and once approved you will be contacted and told to go pick up your iPhone. Another benefit of iDeals is that resellers are Apple Authorized Reseller and will provide you as a customer with full local warranty support valid for one year alongside other services from Apple.

This will indeed be the first time local Nigerian iPhone customers will enjoy the convenience of a local warranty provided by a reseller approved by Apple. iStore Ikeja Mall has been established for the sole purpose of servicing the Nigerian Apple community. iStore will provide a range of knowledgeable advice and quality after-sales services; customers will be taught on how to get the most out of their Apple devices through a hands-on product experiences  and professional advice.

Van Spaandok said, “We encourage iPhone enthusiast to shop at iStore Ikeja Mall and take advantage of the iDeals offer, as well as the benefits of buying from an Apple Authorized Reseller. For the first time, iPhone customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of a monthly finance deal and local warranty support – all while having the additional value-adds of advice from Apple experts, excellent customer service, free training, setup and tech support”.

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