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Apple Looking to Develop Mobile Payment Service

by Fahad Saleem

Apple Looking to Develop Mobile Payment Service

This news is not very surprising as it is concerned to the world’s leading mobile phone company, Apple. Confirmation of this news is still not certain, but it is rumored that Apple is working to establish a system like Pay Pal , which will actually enable the millions of iTunes accounts to buy any thing present on their iPhone. At the moment, Apple is providing the similar service to make purchases from iTunes using your iTunes account but it seems to be a boundary for the users to make their required purchases.

Apple is making moves towards establishing  a mobile payment setup which could be very effective in bringing the company  forward in commerce. It will not be a piece of cake for Apple. Specially in the presence of a top of the class service like PayPal which has been very successful in the market and also satisfying the needs of its users. Apple must maintain their standard by introducing an eclipse and smooth system which will attract the users  and fulfill their requirements.

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It is possible that the  finger scanner  or something like it will be used to operate this system which means that  users of iPhone 5S will be able to take advantage of this. A question which arises here is that, will Apple forget their remaining users? So here is the answer, no. A sophisticated company like Apple will definitely find a way to solve this query as well. Requirement of a pin or code for this operation would preferably be considered to accommodate the other users.

After all this discussion, can we say that it’s time to say good bye to PayPal and Google wallet? Well, it is too early to declare such  big news, but experts think that this new payment service by Apple will surely give stiff competition to it’s competitors and in this race of quality, speed and transparency will give an upper hand to the users. Apple has millions upon millions of users, surely a bold payment system would hit it off and become popular within days.

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