Apple May Be Working On iPhone 5S To Improve It To The League Of iPhone 6

Apple May Be Working On iPhone 5S To Improve It To The League Of iPhone 6

Rumors are doing rounds on the Internet that Apple could currently be tweaking the iPhone 5S readying it for launch in March; the improved version could have specs similar to the iPhone 6.

The said revamped iPhone 5S might have the 8MP rear and 1.2MP front camera, NFC feature to facilitate Apple Pay and run on the A8 chip. The phone is also said will have better Wi-Fi connectivity than the current iPhone 5S models found in the market.

Additionally, the new iPhone 5S is said will come with slight changes in design including a curved glass around the edges. The rumors also seem to indicate that the new iPhone 5S will have a new name; iPhone 5SE.

Other than the revamped version of an earlier iPhone model, Apple is also said to be currently working on releasing a new version of Apple Watch. All these said devices are expected to be released in March or at the earliest early April. In other words, we have to wait and see if these rumors hold any water in say a little over two months!

Over the weekend, 9to5Mac supposedly published leaked images of the iPhone5SE. Although the authenticity of these pictures cannot be confirmed, they seem to be in line with 5SE rumors; the body looks like the current iPhone 5S in the market. However, it does have the rumored curved glass around the edges, like the iPhone 6 and 6S.

Credit: The Verge

The image put side by side next to the current 5S; it does look more like a mini iPhone 6. It has the identical volume buttons, side-mounted power button, silent switch. The rumors also say that the iPhone 5SE will come in colors similar to those of iPhone 6.

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