Apple partnered with Nintendo to bring you Super Mario Run exclusively on App Store | #AppleEvent

Apple partnered with Nintendo to bring you Super Mario Run exclusively on App Store | #AppleEvent

Yesterday at the Apple Event, the fruit company announced its partnership with Nintendo to bring iOS device users Super Mario Run. The game will be available on the App Store for the first time in December this year.

The Super Mario Run was introduced to the world at the Apple Event by Shigeru Miyamoto, the Chief Game Designer at Nintendo. He was welcomed on stage by Apple CEO Tim Cook who introduced him as “the father of Mario”. Miyamoto played a key role in the creation of the Mario video game that has grown to become iconic over the 35 years it has been available.

Like the name suggests, Super Mario Run is about that Mario character running; just like the other popular running mobile game, Temple Run. In the game, Mario runs and has to jump over obstacles in his path. You need to tap the screen longer to enable Mario to jump higher and over highly raised obstacles.

The essence of the game is to have Mario run as long as possible without colliding with obstacles. The longer he runs, the more coins he will collect. The game ends by having Mario reach the flag at the finish line. Sound easy? Well, you need to have Mario run at top speed thus avoid being captured by enemies trailing him from behind.

While the Mario character is the same old Mario we are accustomed to on Nintendo games, but in the iOS game, the navigation is pretty simple. You can even play with just one hand. Super Mario Run will also be a multiplayer game where you and your friends will be embroiled in a super marathon run with each player trying to outrun the other. The game also comes in another mode where you get to create a Mushroom Kingdom based on your results so far; the number of coins you collected so far.

Miyamoto is developing the game as the lead creator from Nintendo, in partnership with Japanese publisher DeNA. (The two are also working on publishing other four mobile games like the Miitomo).

Nintendo said come December, Super Mario Run will be available for iOS devices, partly as a free game. Gamers will need to part with their cash to get access to all contents of the game; the more you play, the more Super Mario Run will cost you.

The game will be available exclusively on the App Store in over 100 countries and in nine different languages. Mario game has been a classical game, most people who grew up with access to gaming devices probably have played it.

Its availability on the App Store has already elicited a lot of excitement that Apple has already set up its page on the app store. Although it will be available in December, users can go to the game’s page on the App Store and click on the new feature ‘Notify button’ that will alert them as soon as the game is published and ready for downloads.

You can check out the Super Mario Run page on App Store now.

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