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Apple is reminding iPhone X owners their $1,000+ smartphone has an OLED Display

by Felix Omondi
iphone x

So you got an iPhone X! Congratulations, you’re one lucky son/daughter of a biscuit, but do you realize it has an OLED Display, and do you know what that means?

Well, OLED Displays gives higher contrast and saturation compared to other types of screens. That is why you enjoy the view on your iPhone X. However, for all their strong qualities, they sure do have a major flaw, which could make you regret parting with $1,000+ to get that iPhone X.

Apple, not being known as a brand that lets its consumers have a miserable post-purchase experience, is reminding you that your iPhone X has an OLED display. That means it tends to get burn-in; images burning into the screen.

Apple has released an update for the iPhone X’s display support page explaining the Do’s and Don’ts of an OLED screen; lest you render your $1,000+ gadget useless. In the new support page, Apple explains that the “slight shift in color and hue” when you are viewing the screen off-angle (from the sides and not straight on) is perfectly normal.

Apple further explains that the OLED screen will exhibit slight visual changes with time. For instance, they may show remnants of high-contrast images displayed on the screen for an extended period. That image (ghost image) will remain as a burn-in on the screen for a more extended period even after other images come along.

That problem is shared across all devices with OLED displays. Yes, even Google’s flagship Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. There are unconfirmed reports online that some Pixel 2 XL devices owners have already started getting the image burn in their device’s screens. Some got their phone out of the box already with this issued.

Perhaps what Apple is doing is preempting future complaints from disgruntled customers with their iPhone X. Although Apple gave an assurance to iPhone X owners that their devices won’t be getting any of this issues anytime soon, however, they should practice due diligence.

The company explains that it “engineered the Super Retina display to be the best in the industry in reducing the effects of OLED burn-in.” It might be important to point out that Samsung made the OLED display in iPhone X; the same South Korean company made the OLED display in Pixel 2, which does not have any reported cases of image burn-in like the Pixel 2 XL.

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