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Apple Removes Last Remaining Bitcoin Trading App From App Store

Apple has been slowly removing the Bitcoin trading Apps from its App store. Yesterday, it removed the last remaining Bitcoin App, ’Blockchain’ that was in App store for the last two years. Blockchain heavily criticized Apple for removing the Bitcoin apps on its blog. Blockchain hailed that Apple has proved its policies are based on preserving its monopoly of increasing its sales without facilitating the users.

Blockhain stated that the

Bitcoin was gaining popularity quite a lot in terms of money exchanging online. It was threatening the control of big corporations over money exchange systems. It was hindering the progress of services like Google Wallet. Apple is not currently running any such kind of service. It is planning to launch money exchange methods in the future though. Nicolas Cary, CEO of Blockchain, told ‘Wired’ that planning of Apple to get into the online money transferring system has resulted in removing its competitors.

Apple has also removed the CoinJar and Coinbase from its App store that were similar apps for money trading as Bitcoin wallet. All these apps were for trading digital currency. When CoinJar was removed from the App store of Apple, the company said that it has been linked with Apple for quite a lot of time, but Apple is concerned with the legal issues of Bitcoin trading

that has resulted in shutting down the Apps. Once the legal issues are clarified, it is probable that Apple contracts with CoinJar once again. The views of CoinJar were rather too optimistic as they should have realized the monopoly of Apple.  However, Apple did inform CoinJar prior to removal.

In case of Blockchain, Apple didn’t even inform the company about pulling the App from its store. Blockchain reinstated that Apple didn’t inform them about the possible problems for eliminating the App. The reasons are pretty much clear, however,  Apple should’ve formally notified Blockchain. Instead of over reacting to the legislative status of Bitcoins.

Perhaps Apple is thinking of being conservative and playing it safe.  In reality, Apple wants to excel in its money transferring Apps soon to be  introduced in the near future.

Fahad Saleem

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