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Apple and Samsung Intentionally Make Non-Durable Phones: Report

by Fahad Saleem

Apple and Samsung Intentionally Make Non-Durable Phones: Report

Have you ever wondered that why you consider replacing your cell phone after every couple of months? This is because manufacturers intend to follow “The Optimization Principle” i.e.

Don’t make too good that it doesn’t get damaged, not too pathetic that it’s spoiled soon.

A new study has claimed that famous technology giants intentionally make non-durable phones in order to imbibe new customers to their new products, that are rolled out after every two to three months break.

Apple has been producing new and improved technologies in all the enhanced versions, but their equipment fails as they claim. Bending and connectivity issues are common. Well manufacturers always keep some “gap” and deficiency that motivates the user to go for their upcoming version. Manufacturers use cheap components in the products. What they claim of the actual life time of the cell phone is never attained. Now a day, there is a general trend to have an attractive phone that depicts your status. The companies keep such things in mind and the designed are improved, leaving the durability to die out. The culture of Novelty has motivated people to have latest phones. Though there is always some lack and people wish to have the next generation.


Front and back covers are just changed to give a newer look but mostly the software is not enhanced that keeps the people with still previous versions. Sometimes Apple updates a version but installing that slows down you phone, that ultimately makes you think to have a new one. Samsung thinks that:


“Apple doesn’t have geniuses. It’s just a company of bumbling fools whose cluelessness is painfully funny.”


The companies always wish the customers to have a phone that doesn’t last more than 2 year or more. They always want their investments back. A common problem of the Samsung Phone is LCD breaking when is dropped by the user. Gorilla Glass has been introduced that is totally scratch less but still companies don’t go for it because it’s similar to have a customer and never having him again because the product was much stable and durable.

Apple iOS operating system is having one of the major issues, due to its much updating facility, but it’s a death for the battery. Increasing the screen size ultimately using more number of transistors, limits the battery life to just 6-12 months. Lithium batteries have been introduced as the manufacturers are advancing towards slimness. As Mr. Twining said,

“If they made phones half a centimeter thicker, we’d get three times the battery life.”

Hardware components like speakers, microphones are not updated as these last for years. Samsung and this time Apple also (iPhone 6 worth mentioning here) are building bigger and bigger phone screens because people judge one’s status by the phone he is bearing. Samsung’s NOTE and Apple iPhone 6 are so big that people have to balance them on their palm rather than grabbing it in their hands. It falls and you simply rush to have another.

That’s true. A Manufacturer always wants you to have his product again but now it’s up to you to make the difference.

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