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Apple Vision Pro: How Apple Plans to Capture the VR World

by Roveen
Apple Vision Pro

The world of VR and AR has been developing slowly, and Apple has just created a sense of urgency with their Vision Pro.

The augmented and virtual reality world is a fascinating medium that has captured the hearts and minds of enthusiasts and the public alike. Thus, it is no wonder Apple felt they needed to get in on it, and they did in typical Apple style.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

According to Apple, the Apple Vision Pro is a 3D camera that captures spatial photos and videos in 3D. However, we can look at Apple Vision Pro as an augmented reality computer. And yes, it is a computer because the Vision Pro, unlike other AR glasses, is a standalone device that comes with a MacBook chip – M2 for OS operations, a processor chip – R1 which processes data from the cameras and sensors, and its own OS – VisionOS. Rather than be an accessory, the Vision Pro is a device all on its own; think of it as more like an iPhone or Macbook rather than an Apple Watch.

What does it do?

The Apple Vision Pro is packed with cameras and sensors, which allow it to do several things.

First, the device has a ton of cameras and sensors for that augmented reality feel. You can access Apple apps on the device, whose display will be ahead of you in the room you’re in and, with its countless cameras and sensors, uses your eyes to detect where you are looking and highlight the app you are looking at. Then, with a tap of your thumb and pointer fingers, you can click on it to open the app.

Vision Pro also lets you watch movies, play games, and of course, enter into a world of complete virtual reality.

The Vision Pro can also act as a projector of what you are working on your Macbook. With just a tap of the glasses on the Macbook, you then transfer the image from the laptop to the glasses, which displays the image in front of you in a screen that you can resize to your liking.

You can also FaceTime on it, with the cameras and sensors creating an avatar of your exact likeness to display to the other person.

The new Apple Vision looks to be a groundbreaker in AR and VR, but for $ 3499, it is too steeply-priced for it to be mainstream in the near future. Still, it is an impressive piece of technology.

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