Apple’s iPads are losing market to the Microsoft’s line of Surface 2-in-1 devices

Apple’s iPads are losing market to the Microsoft’s line of Surface 2-in-1 devices

For a long time, when you go out looking for a decent tablet, the best choice you could get was any from the line of Apple’s iPads. These days, you are very spoilt for choice, even iPad have become powerful and better, but they won’t be your first choice if you are a rational consumer.

By rational, I mean Apple’s products tend to have a cult-like consumer following. They buy the brand, not necessarily the product.

However, consumer loyalty can only be stretched so far, and the liberal Apple loyalist and new consumers are increasingly turning to Microsoft’s line of Surface 2-in-1 devices.

In fact, the Surface line of devices is eating into iPad market share, if the report tablet by Microsoft is anything to go by.

The company says that the sales of the Surface line of devices increased by 38% in the Q1 of 2016 compared to Q1 of 2015.

Much of this improvement is credited to the high sales from the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

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Although Microsoft fell short of revealing the number of units in total sold, but it did reveal their worth. The Microsoft tablets sales from Q1 of 2016 was $926 million up from $672 million in Q1 of 2015.

iPad market share is still significantly larger than that of Microsoft’s Surface devices. Nonetheless, there still cause to worry at Apple; not forgetting the fact that iPads sales have been taking a nose dive. However, back in July, the fruit company reported a 7.4% increase in iPads sales revenue in the Q3, but the unit sales dropped to 9% (9.95 million); 10th time in a row nose dive of iPads sales.

The Thomson Reuters reports that Microsoft revenue of $22.33 billion surpassed Wall Street’s $21.71 billion.

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MakingaDifference October 21, 2016 - 8:38 pm
I do not entirely agree. I have the surface pro 4 and the ipad pro 12". The stability and battery performance of the iPad Pro blows the surface out of the water. Outlook for the iPad is the best experience for doing focused work. The problem with the iPad is feature parity in Office. Once that happens, I think that the iPad will be the choice device. The Surface is great and I love the capabilities. But when I need to work, I reach for my iPad Pro.

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