Apple’s reportedly working on an Apocalypse-ready iDevice – perhaps an iPhone or Apple Watch

apple patent filings

You have probably watched one of those apocalypse movies where a huge storm, disastrous earthquake, zombies, alien invasions, the rise of robots that want to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth, or any other form of natural calamity. Well, should anything like that ever happen, Apple wants to let you know, they will have your back; at least tech-wise.

The Cupertino company has reportedly filed for a patent for a futuristic iDevice – could be an iPhone or AppleWatch – with the capability of detecting potentially poisonous or dangerous gas. The iDevice has gas sensors and will warn the user when they are in an environment harboring any of the following dangerous and/or poisonous gases:

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

Sulfur dioxide (SO.sub.2)

Nitrogen monoxide (NO)

Methane (CH.sub.4) – this could come in handy for warning you someone has farted in the environment

Apple patent for gas-detecting iDevice

According to PatentlyApple, the following is a picture of the futuristic device Apple has patent. From my eyes, I would say its an AppleWatch, though it could very well be an iPhone.

Other hazardous environment conscious patents Apple has filed in the past

Apple has a long history of patenting ideas for gadgets with sensors for the user’s environment. Take, for instance, patents for devices with sensors for humidity, pressure, and metal oxide.

You should note that earlier this week, Apple filed a report stating that climate change could consumers turn to smart devices that tell them about their environment autonomously. Apple is now banking on that to drive up sales for its iPhones and AppleWatch.

We do know that the Apple Watch has been documented on several occasions saving people lives through the heart rate detection and the ECG features.

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