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Applications To the GIST Tech-I Competition Now Open; Deadline Jan 22

by Milicent Atieno
Applications To the GIST Tech-I Competition Now Open; Deadline Jan 22

The International Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Tech-I Competition is currently receiving applications from young innovators using science and technology for positive impact.

If you fit such a description and have a product that with the right funding and publicity could transform the socio-economic condition of the society, then you need to apply to the GIST Tech-I Competition. This competition targets young innovators from the emerging economies from around the globe.

The submissions of ideas and startups are done online, and each submission must consist of an executive summary and a promotional video. After successfully doing the submissions, the aspirant winners will wait on the expert judges and votes from the global voting public, who will determine the finalists.

The top 30 finalists will book themselves a trip to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), which for the year 2016, will be held in Silicon Valley. The finalist will be given the opportunity to showcase their innovation and inventions, in addition to receiving intensive training.

Expert panelist will select the GIST Tech-I Competition winners during the GES 2016. They will go home with various prizes, and the opportunity to get one-on-one mentorship and training.

If you fit the description of a young innovator leveraging on science and technology to come up with disruptive ideas or products transforms the socio-economic condition of the society. You need to apply for the GIST Tech-I Competition by clicking here.

About GIST Tech-I Competition

Since 2011, GIST Tech-I Competition has given opportunities to young innovators from emerging economies the platform to scale their products and ideas. The competition is characterized by participants being taken through thousands of reviews and online public voting process that has seen more than 1 million votes being cast to select only the best of the best innovators.

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