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Approaching Social Media Before, During and After Divorce


No matter where you are and what you are doing, if you have a smartphone and Internet connection, social media is following you and you are sharing everything with your followers. That is a part of your life, a part of reality. We are tied to our social lives online so much that they are inevitable parts of the modern world. One cannot state whether social media has a positive or negative effect on our lives. You get it both ways. Still the prevailing part depends on the personal attitude to social media and personal data revealed t the publicity.

So, when it comes to divorce, social media is never left aside. From the triggers that cause the divorce, communication platform to find a good attorney or speak with the ex up to the official source of evidence in court and sometimes solemn ability to see your kids.

Don’t deprive yourself of social media usage on any stage of the divorce, yet be careful and think twice before posting any personal info, act wisely to get benefits of social media for a good divorce.

Be Careful Online, Especially Before Divorce

Extensive usage of social media can harm your health and social life as well. You should be concerned about the time you spend online, about things you post, about people you communicate online with. It can ruin your marriage or help you out in the difficult period of your relationship. You should hold the impact of social media on your real life under control and you will be safe.

Triggers – a thorough look back is a good option to track the impact of social media on your life. Cunt the time you spend online, the information you share, the emotions you reveal to your followers. Often social life online is brighter and more interesting in reality. If you pay less attention to the real state of things, it can ruin the relationship with your partner. Likes, comments, posts may be misunderstood and cause personal problems as well. All in all, care about your real relationships more, unless you seek a divorce.

Be careful – when the divorce process is visible on the horizon, you’d better limit yourself from social media usage, check all the past posts and posts of your friends. Your online activity may lower your chance to get a beneficial divorce. All information that goes online can never be taken back, yet, you can protect yourself by hiding the most vivid facts, you don’t want your ex’s attorney to get.

No paranoia – being careful doesn’t mean to lock yourself at home and not to go online anymore. Being paranoid about social media which may affect your divorce may bring you into depression and cause mental and health problems.

All in all, care about your safety and do everything to prevent the divorce or not to make your position in the divorce process worse, at least.

Get Use of Social Media During the Divorce Process

When you are in the divorce process, all your actions either online or offline can both increase and decrease your chance for profitable divorce. Track your and your ex’s online activity and don’t post anything ambiguous.

Evidence source – social media is often used as an official evidence source, including messaging, posts and photos. Still, the evidence may be used either in your favor or against you. So, next time when spying on your ex online, looking for an interesting fact to sabotage your ex-spouse, realize that he\she is doing the same thing to you.

Supportive platform – social media is not only the time waster if you know how to use it properly. You can meet a good divorce attorney online, get useful tips on how to file for divorce online, exchange divorce experience and find physical and psychological support.

Reputation – the way you represent yourself online may greatly influence your divorce case. The image of a reliable and caring parent may increase chances of custody, while posts about expensive purchases or posh holidays will easily kill your chances for getting financial support from your spouse. Think carefully before you post something online.

Social media will certainly have a great impact on the divorce procedure. It only depends on you which way it goes.

Don’t Avoid Socializing After the Divorce

When everything is finished, your life is still going on and social media is always by your side. So, there are many concerns on how to use it properly when you are already divorced to benefit from it.

No drama – whether you decide to announce your divorce online, the most important thing is to make no drama of it. You may harm many people with too expressive posts, including your kids. With an intention to blacken your ex-spouse’s reputation you may easily ruin yours. So, not to sound hysterically or desperately, make it plain, by changing your marital status.

Kids online – social media ma give you a great privilege to follow your kids online, especially if you are not allowed to participate in their lives much. On the other side, if you don’t want your ex to communicate with our mutual kids, think about it beforehand and mind it in your custody agreement.

Move on – use social media to move on. Communicate more, create relationships online, find new friends and new occupation. Realize that the end of the marriage is not the end of life.

When divorce court forms are not necessary anymore, get the use of social media to move back to your normal life and even change it for better.

Care about Your Happiness

Never neglect the impact of social media on significant processes of your life. If you don’t hold it under thorough control, it can ruin what you have or bring you luck, since you never know what may happen t you. Still, it is always better to stay on the safe side and track your online activity. If you feel it difficult to cope with divorce issues referring to social media, you are free to get qualitative support on divorce platforms, such as OnlineDivorcer. Care about your safety and be happy at any stage of your life.

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