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Apps Keep Crashing in iPhone and iPad (Fixed)

by Fahad Saleem
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All the Apple devices are generally considered stable and allow the apps to run smoothly. However, there may be times when apps crash in iPhone and iPad unexpectedly. Generally it so happens that, the app closes itself automatically and takes you back to the home screen. At times it shuts down as soon as you tap to open it. Else when you perform a certain action within the app, it causes it to close down.

As the symptoms of the apps crashing in iPhone or iPad can be different, there are multiple approaches to fix the problem. Discussed in this guide are a few solutions which take you through all the above mentioned problems and help you fix that app that keeps crashing in your iPhone or iPad.

This is how You Can Fix Apps that Keep Crashing in iPhone or iPad

(Hard) Reboot the Device

Rebooting the device is the first number one step that all the software related problem solving should begin with. When an app keeps crashing unexpectedly during usage, simply switch off your phone and restart it. It works like a magic and most of the times in all software related issues, restarting the device seems to solve the issue.

The better solution is to hard reboot the device by pressing and holding the power button and the home button together till the time you don’t see the apple logo flashed on the device’s screen. Now let the device reboot again and hopefully the problem will be fixed. If not, here are other solutions to follow:

Quit the App and Re-Launch it

A rather preliminary step to solving the app crashing problem in iPhone is to just quit the app completely and restart it. It allows the phone to remove it from its memory and then launch again error free. Here’s how you can completely quit an app:

  • Just double click on the home button to launch multi tasking screen
  • Now swipe the app up, which is crashing repeatedly, thereby completely quitting it.
  • Press home button again and tap the apps icon again to re-launch it.

This easy procedure can fix the problem in many cases. However, if it is not giving the desired result or you want to be sure about any future problem, try the following steps:

Install Latest Updates Available for the App

It may sometimes be a problem that the certain version of an app might have been a due to a bug present in the app by default. The issue might have been resolved by the app developers in the next update. Hence updating your app is one of the solutions to fix apps crashing in iPhone/iPad.

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Under “Update” tab, look for any updates available for the app.
  • Open the app again

Hopefully, if this was a bug in the previous version causing the problem, it will be fixed after installing the update. This solution highlights the importance of keeping your apps updated. It might not be a very welcoming thought (especially if you use too many apps), but it may save you from many a trouble most of the times.

But if the problem still lingers on, we are also not yet finished with offering solutions. Here is a couple more:

Uninstall the App and Re-Install It

Well, if the app is adamant on crashing regularly; uninstalling it is not an unimaginable idea and can sometime be the real fixer. Nothing to worry as you would instantly re-install in from App Store.

Press and hold the app icon until a cross appears on it.

Press the cross and confirm that you want to delete it.

Now search for the in App Store again and install it.

Deleting and reinstalling the app allows its cache to be removed from the memory. Some apps could be really bad when it comes to piling up their cache in the memory which can ultimately grow to be too large to let the app function smoothly and causes it to crash. Now with fresh installation, all the cache would be deleted and that might be it for your problem. If, however, re-installing hasn’t been a success as well; you might need to update your device’s iOS to the latest version. Here is how:

Update Your iOS to Latest Version

                Some apps are developed for the latest iOS version available for Apple devices. Running such apps on old versions can cause the apps to pose the problem of repeated or unexpected crashing. Updating your iOS is thus important for such apps. Also, iOS update fixes some system software issues and makes your device more stable and failure tolerant.

Updating the iOS version is a simple task and does not involve many risks. If you update you iOS and also re-install your app, you can be completely assured that the crashing problem will be fixed completely.

The Steps to Follow:

Back up your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) to iCloud or iTunes – (Very Important)

Open ‘Settings’

Go to ‘General’

And then go to ‘Software Update’

Choose ‘Download & Install’ and let the update process complete

When your phone re launches with the latest iOS version, check the app for the problem. It is very much certain that the problem would no longer occur. It can be said with much certainty that re-installing the app and updating the iOS almost always fixes this app crashing issue in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


These were some of the best working ways to fix apps keep crashing problem in iPhone and iPad. In case of any problem, just comment on this post and we will get back to you.


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