Apps to help you Monitor and Improve your MacBook Battery Life

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It is safe to say we can all commend Apple for making laptops with great battery life, but as great as they are, they do deteriorate with time. But there are things you can do to extend your MacBook battery life, no matter how many years it has served and now aging within a short time between each consecutive charge.

These are apps that will help you squeeze out the most out of your battery between each charge.

#1 Battery Health 2

Battery Health has been a popular battery monitoring app for Mac users for years now, but it recently got a successor, Battery Health 2. This app has a clean interface listing all your battery’s vitals.

It shows your Current Charge, macOS Health Status, Amperage, Current Max, Cycles Age, Power Usage, and Amperage. In the past, Apple had a feature showing the battery life remaining, but along the way they decided to drop it. Battery Health has a Battery Remaining feature that does a good job of that.

It also has some premium feature like Power History that gives you useful insights on programs consuming your power. Giving you power consumption graphs and beam notification when the consumption exceeds certain levels.

#2 Coconut Battery

This app gives you current full charge capacity alongside a percentage gar showing the battery’s designed capacity. It also records battery status at various time intervals and saves the recordings in a log. It also extends the same battery monitoring feature to your iOS device if its connected to your Mac on the same Wi-Fi network or via USB cable.

#3 iStat Menus

When looking for more information like the Fan Speed, Network Indicators, and Memory Consumption then iStat Menus is the app for you. It also gives you insight on your battery vitals. It displays the Battery Health, Conditions, and Cycles.

It also shows you Time Remaining on the current charge, alongside a list of apps hogging up resources on your computer.

#4 Chargeberry Battery Monitor

This app is unlike any other in this list, as it focuses more on maintaining the battery charge above all else. It shows vitals such as Capacity, Factory Capacity, Cycles Used, Temperature, and Age.

When using the app for the first time, Chargeberry shows you energy consumption under different categories such as Internet Browsing, Movies, Music, and Standby. You can also toggle on the feature like Time Remaining. You can also set notifications for discharge at custom percentages.

#5 FruitJuice Battery App

This app also focuses on maintaining your battery life than showing you what applications are using the most power. It will also help you keep discharge within the optimum range, which is 100 to 20 percent.

It also has a Power History, a feature that gives your comprehensive report on battery statistics for about a year.


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