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Are Video Games Valuable for Our Intellectual Capacities?


Thought is the greatest food to the intellectual minds. Although sports, in general, are known for their physical acrobatics, closer scrutiny unravels the association of the brain as well. For instance, football is a physical game but the strategies used to attack and defend require a sharp mind. Similarly, the techniques of each sport call for intelligent application. Video games present a unique opportunity to sharpen our intellectual capacities. Various calls in poker is the instrumental factor or strategizing technique that separates an average player from the intelligent players. Without further ado, let us see how valuable video games are to enhance our intelligence.

Video Games and the Intervention of Intellectual Capacities 

The gaming industry is one of those unique sectors where developers of games must keep the current (contemporary) socio-economic circumstances of the surroundings. The action-packed online games like Warship which are very popular nowadays have reasons behind them. The youth of today are engaged by and large to the corporate world where they are bound to work under pressure. This in turn makes the young generation crave an outlet of entertainment. Video games where they can relish the thrill of actions and make good use of their brain in strategizing have become the first choice for them.

If we break down the key reasons why video games which require brainstorming are popular will give a fair idea of the topic.

Enjoying Action and Using Brain Simultaneously

Games are extremely result-oriented. Putting in simpler words, each player wants to win the game they are playing and that eventually makes the games most exciting. Like rummy or hold ‘em poker, which are merely card games where players would call in poker or not be a part of thrilling action can be extremely competitive, creating an essence of thrill or suspense. Youth of today miss the thrill as they must cater to the necessities of life and spend most of their time in office seem to enjoy such games.

On top of that, call in poker played by a seasoned player could be a treat to watch. The ups and downs of the game can keep both the players and the viewers on the edge of their seats. Although such games look rather modest, the amount of intelligence one must put in every move calls for a great deal of intellectual exercise. This is also a key reason which attracts the viewers where they get to see exciting moves accompanied by thrilling games.

Nourish the Grey Cells

Games are played by people of all age groups which can be related to call in poker and others too. There are many games which are played by the kids. Parents who always want the wholesome growth of their offspring would love to see the kid playing a game that requires great intellectual exercise. There are various quiz games that are very popular among the kids that present the opportunity to enhance their general knowledge and increase vocabulary.

Games based on mathematical skills are also very interesting and played widely by the kids. 123 is such a game where math skills come to rescue the players. Moreover, to make the game more exciting, this is played in real-time by multiple players. So if your kid is stuck and confused between BODMAS and PEMDAS, let them play 123 to unravel the mystery of fundamental mathematics.

Pic me is a game where the players need to identify the minute details by seeing a stream of pictures. For instance, identifying the bats from the birds in real-time within a blink of an eye could enhance the skills of perception of the children and feed their grey cells. As a matter of fact, we have all the skills required to survive in this competitive world within us; we need to unlock the skills and games like Pic me, 123 can be really handy to help kids enhance their sense of perception, reasoning, logical thing, sequencing and computing skills. More fun is added when the children get to play all these online games with real players (no AIs) in real-time. The added bonus is the prize that the winner earns!

Video games enhance the skills of perception, logical thinking reasoning and sharpen motor skills

Aiming a Wholesome Growth through Video Games

There is a common saying amongst the fitness freaks that if you wish to lose fat you have to work your entire body out. It is true that the stubborn belly fat takes longer to say adieu but you need to burn calories from other body parts such as thigh, biceps, triceps, waist and legs so that the workout process gives you wholesome improvement. Similarly, enhancing intellectual capacities are intricately connected to other skills such as motor skills while playing online games. To unlock the potential of intellectual capacities, you must work on other skill sets as well.

Carom, GoPool, Dots and dash may appear to be games that do not offer much intellectual exercise, they enhance motor skills. Apart from that, as we said before, every game requires a proper strategy to touch the winning line. Strategizing itself is a work of the brain. So games that offer the opportunity to enhance your motor skills actually improve both your intellectual and motor skills.

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