Arxan’s 2016 Application Security Report – How Secure Are Your Apps?

Arxan’s 2016 App Security Report – How Secure Are Your Apps?

The advent of smartphones (and to some extent tablets) ushered a new era of how people consume digital information. Most people have moved from web-based interactions to the more convenient mobile apps interactions. Mobile apps have far better access to our smartphones hardware capabilities enabling us to run more features, than the same web-based platform.

While there seems to be a tech revolution that gravitates back towards web-based interactions, as seen with recent developments in HTML5, for now, mobile apps are the most popular platform for most users to consume digital information.

However, many users overlook the state of their applications security. There was a study done by Arxan Technologies that unearthed just how insecure most apps are; even the FDA and NHS approved apps. Arxan reached out to Innov8tiv and shared with us the following infographic about the state of application security.

You can view the full report at Arxan website by clicking here.

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