Automatically Post Your Instagram Photos on Twitter as Photos (Not as Links)


Instagram has all the best features when it comes to posting a photo online. Millions of users do it daily to share their photos among friends and the world. But when it comes to posting your Instagram photos on Twitter, they no more show up directly on your Twitter timeline. It appears as an Instagram link which your followers have to open to view your photos.

Post Your Instagram Photos on Twitter

Now sharing a photo as a link loses its charm and it takes a lot for your followers to go and open the link just to see one photo. Of course you would rather like that the photos get automatically posted on your Twitter timeline as images and not links. For this you can use IFTTT ( recipe, which posts your Instagram photos directly as Twitter photos.

When you post your photos on Instagram using an app like 6tag or the official Instagram app, it will automatically post your photos on Twitter as full images.

Using IFTTT to automatically post your Instagram photos as Twitter photos

Step 1   Sign up to IFTTT ( and go to IFTTT recipe page


Step 2   Tap/click the ‘Connect’ button to connect IFTTT with your Instagram and Twitter accounts


Step 3   Click or tap add button

Step 4   After adding this, tap your IFTTT username on the top right corner and go to Preferences. Uncheck the “Auto Shorten URLs” option Or you can click this link. It will avoid the photos being posted as link instead of photos.

That is all. Your Instagram photos will now be automatically posted as Twitter photos. Be sure to uncheck the Twitter option while posting photos in your Instagram app because now IFTTT will do it automatically. Not only the photos will show up directly in your Twitter timeline, but your follower will also be able to open its link.

Enjoy the creative power Instagram and share it out loud on Twitter as well, without worrying about only links instead of photos showing up there.



Images: Windows Central

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