Average Person Spending 3 Hours Daily Playing Mobile Games, Study Reveals

Average Person Spending 3 Hours Daily Playing Mobile Games, Study Reveals

As the phones are getting bigger, the trend of playing mobile games is surging.  A new survey has been carried out by a NPD group on mobile gamers that indicate that people spend on average more than two hours on their devices. The survey conducted in 2014 indicates surprising increase of 57% in the average play time for mobile users. During 2012, statistics show that people spent 80 minutes per day on average playing mobile games.

The NPD’s report is based on the survey carried out on 5566 individuals with age more than 2 years. Kids ranging between 2 and 12, spend a large proportion of their mobile usage on playing games. This age group tends to spend more money on purchasing new games as compared to others and just falls behind the age group of 25 to 44.

The mobile device mostly used for gaming is tablet. Tablet users are likely to pay for games and to spend more money as compared to the smartphone users. However, just one out of five players said that he plays games on smartphones and tablets. Others prefer playing games on other platforms.

The trend of playing games on mobiles will give a huge boost to this industry. The trend of gamers is changing as compared to that observed in 2012. They are more inclined to go for in-app purchases now.  The kids as well as the adults are willing to purchase new games and contribute towards the development of the mobile gaming industry. No matter how many devices people have, the time spent on mobiles and tablets while playing games is certainly increasing. The time people spend while playing mobile games, eats up the schedule of getting involved in other useful activities.


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